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Cover Letter and Resume Tips January 22, 2010

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Hello Everyone,

In my Public Relations Class we are blogging about some good tips for cover letters and resumes. As most of you know, developing a good cover letter and resume is the start to getting the job or internship that you desire.  In order to get an interview or the chance for a company to look at you for a possible internship, a well-organized resume and cover letter are neccessary.  As most of you know a cover letter is attached to your resumes with the  focus being  yourself and the position that is of interest to you.  Cover letters and resumes are important simply because they represent who you are and what you are about on a piece of paper.  

Sometimes in the work force, companies go through so many different cover letters and resumes that it is important that you stand out, with the attempt of making the company take a look at you and make them feel as if you are more qualified than others.  Some future professionals do this through the format of their cover letter and resume.  Others do this through presenting information that shows their experience.  However, I after taking several PR classes I have learned that it is most important to stay organized and present both all of that information in the correct areas being first with your cover letter.  In your cover letter you need to let the company know how you found out about this job, then you need to let them know why you think you are qualified to do the job, or why you feel that you are good for that particular job.

 Then at the end of the cover letter you need to ask for the company to consider your application and to request for someone to look over your resume.  However, it is important that you do this in a mannerly.  Avoid coming off to demanding or strong because it may make the company uninterested.  I have also learned some tips for your resume in my advertising class.  In your cover letter you  can use a unique font, but don’t make it to busy, try to stay professional. In advertising we learned that a personal resume is a small advertisement of yourself. Remembering that your resume is an advertisement of yourself, know that you are selling yourself to a company and should attempt to show your  quality of work and skills.  Having a unique font or format can often times help you get the attention you need, but remember don’t go over board and to still make it easy to read.  Also, some other tips for you resume is to provide the most significant information.  Don’t overwhelm the page with tiny details, try to stay focused with what you think is most important to the company that you are applying for. Also, keep your resume short in length.  My advice is to make it 1 page or less.  I hope that these tips are helpful, and give you a better idea on how to create a great cover letter and resume.

Best of Luck- Kristin


4 Responses to “Cover Letter and Resume Tips”

  1. marielorelei Says:

    In this post you mentioned that it would be best to try and avoiding being demanding or coming off too strong. Do you have any tips on how to avoid doing this? Considering that the cover letter is typically just an introduction of the job seeker and a few add ins that might not have been included in the resume, is it actually possibly for the cover letter to be perceived as demanding?

    I’ve never thought about going with a unique font to try and get my resume and/or cover letter stand out. I think I might try this sometime, great tip.

    I know that this doesn’t particularly pertain to the content of your blog, but I thought it might be helpful to let you know that you have a few grammatical errors in your post.

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  3. Jessica Cameron Says:

    I never really thought about a cover letter being like a mini advertisement of yourself but I guess that is a pretty accurate way of describing it. If an employer doesn’t like your cover letter, they are probably less likely to call you for an interview or even look at your resume. I always want to use a different font to make my resume and cover letter stand out but I have always heard some employers look down upon that because it may not look as professional. I just hate blending in with the rest of the world out there!

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