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Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media for Job Seekers February 12, 2010

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Hello Everyone!!

This week I will be writing to you about social media benefits and pitfalls for job seekers.  First, I am going to talk to you about the benefits that come with social media. According to Talent Management Tech social media is a new way that allows people to stand out from the crowd.  By being knowledgeable and familiar with today’s social media you can increase your chance of getting a job and set yourself apart from other candidates.  Today’s employment opportunities are limited and finding a job can often be overwhelming and difficult.  However, current social media are creating opportunities.  Companies are now hiring and opening up positions that strictly deal with social media.  Some positions only entail updating and keeping the company’s profile information current.  When I interned this past summer at Playa Pilates, one of my jobs was to create a fan page for the company.  It was a good job, because I knew how to do it. The primary reason for creating the fan page was to keep clients and future clients updated on current events and upcoming events.  I also had to create a Twitter account for the company and tweet about current sales or class changes or updates. I think that social media is great because it is a free way to advertise and get your company or product out there.  However, this can also be a pitfall of social media.

 If you are a former public relation’s professional and a current job seeker, your skills may be a bit outdated.  During my Events Management class we had a guest speaker come in and talk about today’s social media.  She stated that with today’s technology and online networking, writing press releases is not always the way to go.  She said that using Facebook and Twitter is almost better, and you can reach your target audience.  Also, she said that it was a great thing to use social media because it is free.

Another pitfall of social media for job seekers is that some people who use the social media outlets put up too much information, or information that is not appropriate.  According to Cummins, bosses peek in on potential employers’ facebook accounts to make sure that they are appropriate and professional.  If too much information or inappropriate pictures are posted, the chance of you getting that job could be at risk.

 Overall, today’s social media does have benefits and pitfalls.  It is your job as a jobseeker to make sure if you are using social media to keep it updated and professional.  According to, professionals who use social media should use a proper code of conduct. If you do this you are using social media correctly and it will benefit you in the long run.  I also feel that we should use these modern tools to help us grow and communicate on a larger scale.  To avoid pitfalls, I think that we should keep focused on what we are presenting to other people and make sure to not expose to much about ourselves.  If too much personal information is exposed you could be putting yourself into harms way, and that is not something that we want to do.

Thanks for Reading, Kristin


4 Responses to “Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media for Job Seekers”

  1. laur22 Says:

    It is a great point that social media helps you stand out among your competitors. None of my close friends are in communications or public relations, and they are not aware of what Twitter or LinkedIn is, let alone how to run a blog. While I may complain about my online classes quite a bit, it is obviously a skill that will differentiate me from others. I try to tell my friends to start building some sort of skill with social networking sites, but it is more of a communications and public relations skill, at least for now. Until then, I will keep blogging and hope that my skills can get me a job in the near future!

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  3. mspille1 Says:

    Social media has such a HUGE role in businesses today. I have noticed that most all major businesses at least have Twitter and Facebook. A lot of businesses keep blogs too. It is crazy to me that someone will be hired simply to Twitter for an event. In one of my classes a few years ago, my teacher told us how a student received a job which simply required him to twitter during the Master’s. I would LOVE that! On the down side, personal social media accounts can definitely hurt you during your job search. For example, I know a lot of people who had to completely go through their Facebook profiles and clean it up. Freshman party pictures would not make the best impression on a future employer!

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