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PR Theories Exposed in Reality TV Show Kell on Earth February 19, 2010

Filed under: Senior Seminar — kbixby1 @ 11:49 pm

 Kell on Earth is a reality television show that focuses on Kelly Cutrone and the aspects of her Public Relations Firm, People’s Revolution.  In class we watched the first seasons second episode.  In the episode, Cutrone and her staff were preparing for Fashion Week.  Cutrone dealt with many different clients and obstacles during the show.  One theory that really stuck with me was the social learning theory.   

The social learning theory is the theory that people develop behaviors by watching other people’s behavior.  In this episode, Cutrone’s interns put together gift bags for their clients.  Stephanie, the top intern, put together the first bag as an example.  The rest of the interns followed her behavior, despite the fact that the gift bags were poorly put together.  When Cutrone asked why they preformed their jobs so inadequately, they responded that they did so because they were following Stephanie’s actions.  Throughout the episode, it was noticed that Stephanie’s performance was not as professional as needed, which possibly influenced the other interns behaviors or lets at least hope so because those were some UgLy gift bags!


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