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Eagle Expo! March 2, 2010

Filed under: Senior Seminar — kbixby1 @ 1:09 am

To prepare myself for the real world, I attended GSU’s Career Fair at the RAC.  As soon as I walked in I noticed how organized everything was.  Nicely dressed students were opening the RAC doors for the students and would kindly show were to go.  Once we signed in and received a name tag we were free to go to the basketball courts were the event was being held.  All the companies were nicely set up with information about there companies and were ready to talk business.

 I did feel that the companies that were there were mostly directed towards Education and Business majors.  I can honestly say I did not see or talk to anyone who was from the field of communications, especially from the field of public relations.  However, I have learned that public relations is a very broad field  and job titles do not contain the name public relations, but do entail a lot of public relations work.   That is why I decided to attend this event anyways.  Before I went to the event I made sure my resume was perfect and printed out some copies to take with me to the event.  I also looked on YouTube on some tips before an interview.  Below is the video I watched.  Hopefully it will help you out too.


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