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Internships March 11, 2010

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Hello Everyone,

This week I will be blogging to you about internships.  I am currently a student at Georgia Southern University.  Over the years, I have taken several classes in the field of Public Relations.  I have done well and learned how to construct press releases, psa, letterheads, press kits, ect.  My point is that I have done a lot of the things that a Public Relations professional would do, but I have only done it for my classes. 

Having an Internship gives people and me the opportunity to apply the knowledge that was gained by taking all those courses.  It is a way that we can really excel and put our knowledge to use.   Also, internships allow for us to learn about the business world and get a feeling of actually working in the field.  It is almost like an internship is a transitional stage, which allows people to move from the college world to the professional world.

Internships are also extremely important for getting hired in today’s market.  Even if you make great grades in college and have some work experience, companies are still asking if you have completed an internship and where you completed it.  Having an internship lets them know that you have experience in the field of work and have been in a professional setting prior to being hired.  According to the Washington Post students and graduates are more likely to get a job if they have completed and internship.

Having an internship is comparable to having a job.  In order to get an internship you need to submit a resume and a cover letter to the company of your choice.  If you are interested in working for a particular company most likely a way to get your foot in to door is by applying for an internship. 

Also, an important thing to remember is that not all internships are the same.  Some require different work skills and other internships are just like being an assistant.  I have talked to several of my peers and have heard that in your internship you are either an assistant or you are like a full time employee that is required to do work.   If your internship is the latter, you will be expected to know how to work.  They will not explain things that you should already know, and do not review what they expect either.  It is your time to work, and put all your knowledge to use.  So, if you are a student who does not pay intention or only does assignment to get by, you really might need to alter your behavior and start paying attention and really learn something if you plan on ever getting hired.  It is a tough market out there, and the only way to be successful is to be prepared, and one way to do that is by doing an internship.

Either way a person can learn from having an internship.  It is a way to see inside the company and really get a grasp on how the company functions and stays successful. 

Thanks for Reading,



11 Responses to “Internships”

  1. candicehall Says:

    Hey Kristin! I like your blog. I am currently interning and I can honestly say that I am learning so much at my internship. I am also gaining REAL hands on experience that I might not otherwise receive if I didn’t have an internship. Your point about all the stuff we do in our classes not being the same as real hands on experience. It isn’t! Yes we learn the format of things or the basic idea of how to do something but until it is your job to complete a real press release to send to the media, you just don’t know. I had to write and send out my first press release the other day at my internship and I was so scared, I think I checked it like 15 times! Luckily one of the newspapers liked it enough to publish it! I think internships really do help give students more confidence in their work as well. When you actually have to complete a task that affects other people besides you and your grades, you really step up to the plate and get things done. And then feel really great about it in the end!

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  3. smcclou3 Says:

    I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. I have found that this has been a lesson in culture shock. The transition from going to class for three hours to working eight hours a day in one place was tough. At my internship I’m expected to work and I like it. The only difference with what you said is while I’m expected to know how to do the basics I’m still allowed and expected to ask questions. You mentioned good grades and that jogged a memory of a conversation I had with one of my co-workers, she said that what matters most aren’t always the grades you have but the job experience you obtain. She encourages all students to do multiple internships.

  4. marielorelei Says:

    I was very pleased to read that the Washington Post supports the effort of students taking the time to complete internships while in college. It seems that the Washington Post, a few public relations textbooks, and a lot of colleges seem to understand just how imperative internships are to the learning process and to our futures in general. Finding a job after college can be like beating your head against a wall for those without work experience. You are told that in order to get a certain a job, it would be preferable if you had some experience. The catch is that you can’t get the experience because many people refuse to hire the inexperienced. At the very least having an internship shows that you have some experience and hopefully the glowing review from your internship supervisor will let the potential employer know that you’re a hard worker and worth the investment.

  5. laur22 Says:

    I am in the same boat in that I have only had experience in public relations because of the classes that I have taken. I am a student-athlete, and I have not have the time to complete an internship until this summer after I graduate in May. I think it is hard for students these days to intern during school because they are involved in other activities and work jobs to pay for school. While gaining experience is crucial, I think companies and employers are much more understanding because they know the economy is bad and students have to do what they can to get by.

  6. Hey Kristin. Good job on this one. I definitely agree that internships can be a great gateway for students and graduates to their careers. Most companies I know rarely hire externally anymore so internships are extremely important and high grades alone in school don’t do you any justice if you don’t have experience. I also like the looking at your internship as an actual job ideal. It will get you ready for what is to come much faster if you look at it like that and the transition period from internship to actual job will be much smoother. And you are also right about getting internships early because the longer you wait the more they are gong to expect you to know.

  7. Marilyn Says:

    I think that all of the advice you gave is really good. You are so right about all internships being different and the need to have a variety of skills for whatever that internship may require. I remember you telling me about the PR internship you had in California and it sounds like you got some real first hand experience. The fact from the Washington Post is really true too, I have definitely heard that internships really give you a leg up when it comes to getting a job either with that company or a different one. Great post!

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