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PR Shadowing… March 20, 2010

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Over spring break, I shadowed a Public Relation’s Professional to increase my knowledge about the real world of Public Relations.  The PR Professional I chose to shadow was Allie Burrow.   Allie graduated from Georgia Southern with a degree in Public Relations.  Allie is currently a Marketing Coordinator at Parkmobile USA, Inc. 

Allie is extremly involved with all of the company’s social media outlets. She constantley updates what Parkmobile is doing for that day or for the upcoming weeks. Allie also checks the City Bid lists (the city sends a bid out for parking services, meters or anything to do with parking.)  Allie gets the City Bid List emails and fills out forms to be recognized for those bids.

Parkmobile has a lot of conferences coming up.  Allie’s job includes booking the conferences and trade shows.  Since she is registered as a Parkmobile member, she can book the hotel rooms, schedule booth pickups and get all press materials ready.  For this specific week, Allie is writing four press releases.  The press releases are for different cities that her company is being launching in. Allie also coordinates radio remotes for Parkmobile Albuquerque launch that will be in April. Allie will be in charge of booking tables to promote Parkmobile in their current cities/Universities and getting ready to announce the company’s Mobile App on iTunes!!! Overall, Allie’s week entails working with a lot of social media and making sure that her company is ready with PR materials and press kits for all of their upcoming launches and conferences.

Allie was surprised by how broad the field of Public Relations! Allie said that it is not all “Samantha from Sex in the City” and that you have to do a lot of behind the scenes work!  Allie also wishes that she would have known just how much she would be writing and using Twitter and Facebook.  Allie believes that writing is important part of her career, but not as important as being able to use current social media. 

Allie’s three tips for future PR Professionals would be to…

  1. Stay connected
  2. Due as many internships as you financially/physically/mentally can
  3. Know how to write AP Style.  

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