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Career Fair April 2, 2010

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Hi Everyone,

This week I will be blogging to you about when I attended the Career Fair that was at the RAC.  The name of the event was Eagle Expo Career Fair.  The event was very organized and well ran.  As soon as I walked in I noticed how organized everything was.  Nicely dressed students were opening the RAC doors for the students and would kindly show were to go.  Once we signed in and received a name tag we were free to go to the basketball courts were the event was being held.  All the companies were nicely set up with information about there companies and were ready to talk business.


I did feel that the companies that were there were mostly directed towards Education and Business majors.  I can honestly say I did not see or talk to anyone who was from the field of communications, especially from the field of public relations.  However, I have learned that public relations is a very broad field  and job titles do not contain the name public relations, but do entail a lot of public relations work.   That is why I decided to attend this event anyways.  Before I went to the event I made sure my resume was perfect and printed out some copies to take with me to the event.  I also looked on YouTube on some tips before an interview.  Below is the video I watched.  Hopefully it will help you out too.

After I prepared myself for the Career Fair, I felt confident going.  Career Fairs can often be intimidating and overwhelming.  In the past I haven’t gone to events like this, because I was too nervous.  So to prevent me from being too nervous I decided to go with a couple of my friends.  Once we arrived we all spilt up and went our different ways.  I talked with a few companies and had the opportunity to meet with some true professionals and sell myself.

Luckily, we were all dressed very professional.  This was good because just about everyone there looked great.  They were all dressed up and professional too.  I was neat to see that these are the students that Georgia Southern produced and that I am entering the professional world with. 

I only stayed at the event for about 30 minutes and talked to about three companies.  Overall, I just felt that the companies that were there were not places of interest to me.  I would really like to attend another Career Fair that is on a larger scale.  So I did some research and found a website that gives a lists were National Career Fairs are, check it out. 
I did enjoy attending the Career Fair though because it gave me the opportunity and a real life scenario of being on the job market.  After I complete my internship this summer, I will be looking very hard for a job and I will probably have wished that I went to more of these types of events.


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  1. Jessica Cameron Says:

    Career fairs are so frustrating for public relations majors. I feel as if there are never any companies at the career fairs looking for us which is so frustrating. Although they school does provide more specific career fairs, I feel as if they hardly ever have communication arts career fairs. There was one this spring semester but I believe that is the only one I have heard of in the past two years. We need jobs too!!! This is a good post though Kristin and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post along with many others. Your blog looks great!

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