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Public Relations vs. Advertising April 12, 2010

Filed under: Senior Seminar — kbixby1 @ 11:32 pm

After someone asked me what I thought the difference between public relations and advertising on a personal level, I had to think twice.  I have been taught in my classes the difference from a business stand point, but to develop my own opinion I had to double check and research.  So, I went to You Tube for some video clips.  I found one clip that I thought had an interesting viewpoint on this matter.  In the clip, Gillian Waddel addresses what she believes the difference between Public Relations and Advertising is.  She simply states that public relations has to have credibility, where as advertising does not. 

 Based on our class discusses I thought that this was very relevant to our ethical discussions and made me think that public relations can be more respectable if people understood that PR practitioners do not just make stuff up.  Waddel explains that it is about other people say about you or your company, versus what you say about your self.

 So…I agree with Waddel in this aspect, and will continue to work on why I personally think the two fields are different.  Although I do believe they work hand and hand and to be really successful you have to have both.


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