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Selling Snow cones for PR April 19, 2010

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In my event management class, I worked in a group where we had to play the department’s fundraiser.  It was interesting because the purpose of Department Fundraiser Event is to not only give students in the Public Relations Event Management Class the opportunity to create an event that they can actually implement, but also deliver additional funds for the Communication Arts Department to enhance budgeting.  By collecting additional funds from the fundraiser event, the Communication Arts Department can purchase necessary supplies and updated equipment to enhance the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science (C.L.A.S.S.) students’ education and experience at Georgia Southern University.        

As part of the fundraiser group, we set a goal to earn a $300 profit for the Communication Arts Department. To reach the goal the group set objectives.  The objectives were to have a vendor booth at “Celebration South”, sell snow-cones at the booth, distinguish the booth by having a bright theme, sell additional items and have a donation jar.

In order to be successful at the event, we had to use all types of public relations skills.  For example, the group designed a colored flyer, a Facebook page and a sheet sign.  The flyer was designed by one of the group members and was themed very appropriately for our event.  The flyer included bright colors and a picture of a snow cone.  After the flyers were designed the group members worked together to hang them up around GSU’s campus and in Veasey Hall.  The Facebook page was created for the group and helped to give awareness about our event.  The Facebook page was a tactic used to promote and recruit Facebook “friends” to attend the Communication Arts Department Fundraiser at “Celebration South.” The Facebook page was helpful in increasing the attendance of our event. Lastly, a group member designed and put on view a sheet sign with information about the Communication Arts Department Fundraiser.  The sheet sign helped advertise the Communication Arts Department Fundraiser and encourage more people to attend the fundraiser event.

I could not help but think about public relations through out the entire course of planning and executing the event.  I can definitely see when event planning is part of the public relations field.


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