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Comments April 21, 2010

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1. Meghan Spillers- My Interview with a PR Professional

Hi Meghan!  I must say I enjoyed reading your interview blog on Chelsey McNicoll.  Social Media is really important in business today.  I also really liked how you conducted your interview, and how you included her overall PR tips.  Chelsey seemed like she had some really great advice.  I wish I could have shadowed her for our Senior Seminar class!  I also noticed that she worked for Kerfkore, and the company name sounds really familiar and I think I have heard of that company.   After I conducted my interview, I also realized how having writing skills and being able to do keep up with website maintenance is super important in today’s world of PR!  -Kristin Bixby P.s.-It was also cool that you included a picture of her!! Good thinking!

April 21, 2010

2. Allison Allmond- Eagle Expo Career Fair

Hi Allison!  I really enjoyed reading your blog about the Eagle Expo Career Fair. I noticed that you said you went to the National Conference in San Diego last November…that is Really Cool!! I would have loved to gone, but I had too many conflicts with my schedule.  It was nice to hear what you had to say though, and read the differences between the two.  It appears that at the San Diego Career Fair you were able to meet more PR Professionals, but you did not get to interact with them like you could at the Eagle Expo Career.   That is one great thing about Georgia Southern!  Anyways, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your blog! Thanks, Kristin

April 22, 2010

3. Danielle Barrett- Internship Advice (PRCA 3711)

Hi Danielle!  I read your blog about Internship Advice.  I have also heard a lot of things about internships.  Luckily, I was able to complete an internship in California this past summer with my sister.  She owns a couple of Pilates and Yoga studios.  I did event planning and promotional PR for her.  It was a lot of fun, and I learned how to apply my skills from class into the real world.  It was also awesome because I was able to experience Los Angeles in the summer! I wish I could go back! Anyways, I liked how you included Maranda’s Tips in your blog   I must say I do agree with her! Thanks for the great information! -Kristin

April 22, 2010

4. Meghan Beytagh- What do I Wear on a Job Interview??

Hi Meghan!  Wow, your blog is Awesome!!  You have really mastered the “blogging” skills.  I might need you to head on over to show me how to organize my blog like yours…it is Very Nice!! Anyways, I read your blog about what to wear to an interview.  You included some great information that was very useful.  I have never thought to do research online to help you determine what you should wear to an interview.  Looking at the company’s website to see what people are wearing in company pictures was brilliant.  I knew that you should always do research on the company before you go to an interview, but never thought to look at the pictures for a suggestive way to dress. Thanks for the tips!  I will be using that one! -Kristin

April 22, 2010

5. Meghan Callahan- My Interview with a True P.R. Pro

Hi Meghan! “My Interview with a True P.R. Pro” was a very interesting blog.  I liked reading about your interview and I really thought it was cool that you were able to interview someone from San Francisco, California.  Especially, since they work for the largest PR Firm in the country.  I could only imagine how exciting that would be.  Anyways, I liked how you included the link to Edelman’s website and linkedin profile.  It was cool to check it out!  On another note, I just wanted to say that I noticed some similarities between our interviews.   Mostly the part about there is no typical week in PR.  My PR Professional said the same thing.  I better be ready for a crazy schedule!

April 22, 2010

6.  Jessica Cameron-PRCA 3711 PR Professional Interview

Hi Jessica!  I read your blog about the PR Professional Interview, and I did not know that Scottie Brown Davis graduated with a degree in public relations and is now working in the field of public relations.  That is very interesting! It does not surprise me though; she is so sweet and outgoing! Also, I am glad to know that she is back at work after delivering her first baby.  I liked the layout of your blog and how you highlighted what she said in green.  It was perfect for interviewing a Kappa Delta and it made it easier to read! That was a great idea and it really set your blog apart from the other classmate’s blogs.  Great Job Jess! 🙂

April 22, 2010

7. Jeff Carter- Dress to Impress

Hi Jeff!  When I went to your blog to read a post and leave a comment…I was surprised by your blog design.  It really caught my eye and looks terrific!  I liked the layout and how you included YouTube videos. It was very organized and easy to use.  However, I was a little distracted by the YouTube videos and started watching them. 🙂  I guess that is what they are there for, haha.  I also really liked your tagline; it made me laugh out loud.   Anyway, on to the blog…I read your blog about what to wear to an interview, and I thought it was interesting. I will take your advice and do what you suggested for my next interview.  Thanks for the great information! -Kristin

April 22, 2010

8. Micaela Cater- Career Services Workshop Reaction: Cover Letters and Resumes

Hi Micaela!  I read your blog about the Career Services Workshop Reaction: Cover Letters and Resumes.  It was very interesting.  I wish I would have known about this workshop, because I would have liked to have gone.  It is always interesting to find out information on how to present yourself better in a cover letter or resume.  I think that is why I found your blog so interesting.  Like you said in your blog, I need to remember to be brief because sometimes I have the tendency to drag on.  And I know that the people who are reading the cover letters and resumes do not have time to be reading a lot of information.  I am also glad to know that they said your resume can be over one page.  I feel like I am always squeezing more and more information in and have to take stuff off to fit in new things even though the old information is just as important. Thanks for the great information!

April 22, 2010

9. Phillip Edwards- Eagle Expo & Career Fair “It’s What You Make It”

Hi Phillip,  I read your blog about the Eagle Expo & Career Fair “It’s What You Make It”. I liked how you included a picture of the RAC!  I noticed that you discussed how you were frustrated that Georgia Southern does not have many PR companies/firms at the career fair.  I must say that it bothers me too.  I feel like the PR Department gets left out of those big career events.  However, I am glad to know that you had some luck and found some potential opportunities at the next level.  I wish you the best of luck, and know you will do great! -Kristin

April 22, 2010

10. Candice Hall- Internship Advice

Hi Candice!  I read your blog about Internship Advice, and I could not agree more with you on starting early and doing research.  I wish I would have taken more time to apply to internship places and really began the whole process at the beginning of this semester.  I feel so rushed now, and know that there are so many people out there looking for internship positions.  I am just hoping that I can get a good one in Atlanta! Also, I did do some research and that really helped out a lot.  I was able to find some new places that were not on the list that Dr. Muller put up and the locations are actually closer to my home in Atlanta.  So, your blog had great advice! Good Job! -Kristin

April 22, 2010

11. Meshae Hankerson- My Chat with PR Pro-Marla Bruner

Hi Meshae! I read your blog about your PR Professional Interview with Marla Bruner.  I found it interesting that she is a graduate of Georgia Southern and is now working here as the internal communications manager.  Her job seems very interesting and I would have never thought that her job title would involve so much public relations work.  I guess a lot of PR jobs do not always have a PR title.  I also liked how you included Ms. Bruner’s three tips for someone who is just starting out in Public Relations. It is funny because my PR Professional also said to be in contact! Thanks for the great advice!

April 22, 2010

12. Jacqueline Henry- Career Fair

Hi Jacqueline! I really enjoyed reading your blog about the Career Fair.  I agree with you about Georgia Southern not having very much diversity at the career events.  I feel like they don’t recruit enough companies that reflect the many majors that we have here at Georgia Southern.  I think that next year they should try to incorporate more diverse companies.  I liked how at the end of your blog you included a YouTube video about how to be prepared for a Career Fair.  That was a great idea and I found it very educational.  Thanks for the great informational! -Kristin

April 22, 2010

13. Haley Higgs-Women On Top In Social Media & Public Relations

Hi Haley, I read your blog about women on top in social media.  I found it very interesting, yet not to surprising. My boyfriend still hasn’t set up a facebook account and I do not think he is planning on setting it up anytime soon. I find it kind of funny because I enjoy it so much and he can’t seem to figure out why.  Although, I am starting to notice that older people are using facebook and other social media more than before.  I look forwarded to reading that research article. 

I also noticed that in your blog you felt uncertain if men thought that blogging is beneath them.  I kind of feel uncertain about that too and I don’t know if that is the case. But it was still very interesting to read! Thanks for the great topic! -Kristin

April 22, 2010

14. John Keith-Cover Letter Tips

Hi John, I read your blog about Cover Letter Tips.  I enjoyed reading your helpful tips.  I agree that you have to think of your cover letter as a commercial about yourself.  It is important to make sure you do represent yourself as best you can and highlight your accomplishments.  I also think that it is important to make sure to say that you will contact them later in the week.  I think it is good because gives you a reason to call them.  You can also verify that they received your cover letter and resume and ask additional questions. Anyway I enjoy it! Thanks, Kristin

April 22, 2010

15. Kristen Kelly-The PR Pro:Rachel Miller

Hi Kristen! I read your blog about Rachel Miller. She sounded so interesting and I thought it was cool that she worked in the field of public relations here at Georgia Southern.  I can definitely agree with her when she said that college was some of the best years of her life! Georgia Southern has been an amazing and educational experience for me and I am just thankful that people like Rachel can still work for such a great institution.  I hope that when I get a job in the field of public relations that I can work for such a wonderful establishment.  -Kristin

April 22, 2010

16. Sarah Kemp- Getting Linkedin

Hi Sarah! I read your blog about Linkedin.  As you know, Professor Nixion gave us the opportunity to start a Linkedin account and I am still working on completing it 100%.   When she told us about Linkedin, it was honestly the first time that I had ever heard anything about Linkedin.  Now that I understand the concept of it, I actually think that it is a great idea and I am excited to develop my profile more.  That is why I liked how in your blog you included the five golden rules of professional Linkedin profiles.  I am not kidding when I say I will be using these to fix up my account.  I really appreciate the great research and advice! Thanks- Kristin

April 22, 2010

17. Sarah Kemp- What comes up when YOU are “Googled”?

Hi Sarah! I read your blog about what comes up when you are “Googled”.  It is a little intimidating, but I have also learned that we should always keep our personal lives separate or not even on social media outlets because it could endanger our reputation and professional appearances. That is why I was glad to read in your blog that this is true and that professionals are looking for stuff on social medias.  I though it was very interesting also that you included a slideshow from slide share.  You are very good a keeping up your blog and making it interesting. It is always a pleasure to read your blogs! 🙂 Kristin

April 22, 2010

18. Emily Roche- PR and Sex Therapy

Hi Emily! I read your blog about PR and Sex Therapy.  It caught my eye because of the picture of Sandra Bulloch.  She is very pretty! 🙂 I think that it is upsetting and painful to watch successful people experience their spouses love affairs exposed in the public eye.  I wish that after her big win she could have just soaked in her glory instead of having to deal with this mess. Anyway, I had to look and see what your blog was all about and it ended up being very interesting!  I can’t believe that sex therapy is really a way that people are trying to get into the spotlight…what is the world coming too?  However, like you said PR is behind these people and even if they aren’t doing it for the spotlight, we could use some conflict management skills to help them out!

April 22, 2010

19. Emily Roche- PR Connection-Tiger Woods..Still like em?

Hi Emily! I read your PR Connection blog about Tiger Woods.  What a famous scandal in the sports world.  I am sure that Tiger Woods is very thankful for his public relations team.  It appears that they have worked hard to turn his image around and make him appear in a better light to the public eye.  It is sad to me that he went from being such an admired and respected person to a person with several self reflected problems.  Although he did make his first come back at the Master’s tournament, I am sure his PR team made him feel confident about his return to golf.

April 22, 2010

20. Emily Roche- PR Connection-Viral Video

Hi Emily!  I read your blog about Humor in a Viral Video.  I can’t agree with you more about how when the video is funny that everyone laughs at them and then shows them to their friends.  I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a video that my friends were talking about or had posted on their facebook page.  I literally watch them all the time.  Check out this video, it is called Roller Babies.  It is one of my favorites and it is absolutely hilarious! P.S.- I think that the David and his dad were even interviewed by Oprah because their video got so many hits! I love that video too! Hope you enjoy this one!

April 22, 2010

21.  Emily Roche- PR OpenMic

Hi Emily! I read your blog about PR OpenMic.  I have never heard of this social network.  It sounds very interesting and neat.  I am always glad to see when Public Relations Professional creates a network where we can all communicate within the world of public relations.  I am going to save this site that way later I can find out more on how to become a member and use it to benefit me.  Thanks for finding out and reporting on the PR OpenMic! It is also great when PR students do some research and find out about great stuff like this! Thanks Em- Kristin

April 22, 2010

22. Emily Roche-Is Social Media Monitoring Ehical?

Hi Em!  This is a very interesting blog.  We talk about ethics and morals in my Senior Seminar class.  However, we have never allied the concept to social media outlets. You do raise a good point about a situation becoming unethical when people are posting pictures or information that is inappropriate about other people.  I seen several instances where pictures have been posted that are inappropriate on facebook.. I know that you can de-tag them, but the person who posted them can still leave them up on their page. So, the picture still remains on the website.  It is just an interesting point.  And although this is unethical to me, I do not know what type of punishment or consequences there could be for posting a picture that someone else doesn’t like on your page.  You know you can never make everyone happy.  My advice would be to make sure you surround yourself with good people, and to avoid taking inappropriate pictures.

April 22, 2010

23. Emily Roche-All  a Person Needs to Know about Searching

Hi Emily! I read your blog about searching.  I liked how you included the things that you learned and that were of interest to you.  I also found it very interesting that eighty-nine percent of U.S. online adults use online search engines.  That is a very interesting statistic. I think it just proves how modern society is becoming.  People are depending on search website for information. Especially now that there are so many forms to get information off the Internet.  Applications like the I-phone, blackberry and other handheld devices allow the internet to be with you just about anywhere you go.  I look forward to seeing what the next generation’s statistics will be.

April 22,2010

24. Emily Roche-Social Media…To Use or Not to Use…???

Hi Emily! I read your blog about Social Media.  I can’t agree with you more about things you never thought you would do. I have also learned great information from this class about social media and social networking.  I have had a facebook account, but after this class I started a Twitter account, Linked in profile and started my own blog.  It is a whole new world of information that I think will be very useful in our professional. I am still learning how to master my skills, but I am excited that I have a basic understanding of how to use all of these social media outlets.

April 22, 2010

25.Emily Roche- Career Fair

Hey Em! I attended the Career Services Career Fair too.  I was not that impressed with it.  Simply because I felt that the companies that were there were mostly for education and business majors.  I feel like so many times that the Communication Arts Department is well represented at those type of events.  However, I did get to talk to some companies.  It was a good time to practice talking to professionals and representing myself.   And like you said putting on my “A Game”.  I know with the upcoming months, I have to be prepared for interviews and have my “A Game” on all the time.  Thanks for the great blog! 🙂

April 22, 2010


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