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Graduation May 3, 2010

Filed under: Senior Seminar — kbixby1 @ 8:20 pm


As I complete my college classes, I find it hard to believe it is all coming to an end.  I have been at Georgia Southern University (GSU) for my entire four years of college and it seems like I have only been here for a little while. Looking back on my experiences and education, I can honestly say that being at GSU has been amazing.  I have learned more than I ever thought possible at college, and have been given the opportunity to grow as a person. Graduation is this weekend, and all I can say is that I am thankful for all of my PR professors. I have had a great education, and will be able to use my experiences to help me grow as a person.  Being a Public Relations major was a lot of fun.  I got along very well with all my classmates, and had fun being an active student.  Hopefully, with the modern forms of communication, I can keep in touch with my classmates over the years.  It will be interesting to see where we all end up.


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